Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) is an American aerospace and defense technology company formed by the 1994 purchase of Grumman by Northrop. The company was the fourth largest defense contractor in the world in 2008,[4] and the largest builder of naval vessels. Northrop Grumman employs over 122,000 people worldwide.[5] Its 2007 annual revenue is reported at US$32 billion.[2] Northrop Grumman ranks #76 on the 2008 Fortune 500 list of U.S. industrial companies.[6] It is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, California.[7] but on January 4, 2010 announced plans to move to the Washington D.C. region by 2011.[8



F-5E Tiger II

F-5A Freedom Fighter

YF-17 Cobra

F-14 Tomcat

F-20 Tigershark

Setalth BombersEdit

YF-23 Black Widow II

B-2 Spirit

Prop PlanesEdit

F6F Hellcat

P-61 Black Widow

TBF Avenger



A-6E Intruder

EA-6B Prowler


E-2C Hawkeye

E-3C Sentry

OV-1 Mowhawk

EA-6B Prowler


C-2 Greyhound

E-1 Tracer

S-2 Tracker

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