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The Deadly Skull Coporation is a company that is use for the 8th EAD Army and Air Force

this company supplies deadly skull jets under the name Dastun and helicopters under the name

Deadly Helicopters it is an evil company

the Company Logo



Datsun 808

Datsun 760

Datsun 900


Deadly Helicopters Model 70

Deadly Helicopters Model 100

Deadly Helicopters Model 50

Cancelled Aircraft[]

Datsun 990 (Shot Down By F-15E Strike Eagle)

Datsun YF-24 (Cancelled for production)

Datsun 1000 (Shot Down By AC-130H Spectre)

Deadly Helicopters Model 200 (Abandoned Utility Helicopter)

Deadly Helicopters Model 30 (Shot Down By AH-64D Apache)

Deadly Helicopters Model 60 (Cancelled Attack Helicopter)

Land Systems[]

Skull 2-Cannon

Skull 2-Missile

Cancelled Land Systems[]

Skull Saw Sharp (Destroyed By Trojan)

Skull Sewer Trip (Cancelled Variant of Skull Saw Sharp)

Skull MASER Tank (Destroyed By M1 Abrams)

Skul Drill Bit (Cancelled Variant of the MASER Tank)